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iTunes on steroids!

Manufactured by Meridian, the Sooloos media storage system is the perfect way to store and access all your music.

Ever hunted for a CD, and eventually find the cover but with the CD missing?

Or scanned the CD shelving for hours racking your brains as to which compilation album that track you’ve been whistling all day is from?

You’ll never do that again if all your CDs are stored on the Sooloos system.

 So what is Meridian Sooloos?

  • It’s all the things you value about music, instantly accessed via the world’s most advanced user interface and a rich, visual, touchpanel experience.
  • It stores your music library in pristine lossless digital quality, with effortless backup protection for your treasured collection.
  • It plays your music anywhere you need it, with immediate access and instant enjoyment of your favourite songs, in one room or many, for a single listener or the whole family.
  • It seamlessly integrates full-quality home listening and personal players for when you’re away.
  • It’s a complete system, built of the finest components, offering a unique experience dedicated to the continual enjoyment of music.
  • It is power and performance, simplicity and elegance. It is enjoying and rediscovering daily, all the things you value about music.

Quite simply, it’s the world’s most advanced digital media system.

So what do I need?

The minimum requirements of the system are at least one of the following three ‘Core’ components;

Control 15

A complete Sooloos system in an elegant package.

Simply connect to your Internet router, and a digital input on your hi-fi, and you’re up and running.

You store CDs by inserting them into the slot in the base of the Control 15, 5 minutes later the CD emerges, ripped onto the internal hard drive which can store over 1000 CDs.

Simply select your music from the comprehensive 15″ touchpanel.

A complete Sooloos system, for £4,750.

Media Core 200

The entry product in the Sooloos range for single zone playback on digital or analogue output.

A compact upright case around 10″ square houses a Sooloos Core so the MC200 can operate as a stand-alone system.

An internal 500GB hard drive provides storage for just over 1000 CDs, ample for many collections, these are imported into the system using the ROM drive in your PC or laptop.

Control of the system can from from the free Control PC and Control MAC software or from the free application for your Ipad, Itouch or Iphone.

At £2,000 the cheapest way to own a Sooloos system.

Media Core 600

The most powerful product in the Sooloos range, offering six zones of high quality audio playback and high capacity CD storage.

All zones are output on Meridian Speakerlink, S/PDIF and analogue outputs.  This product is optimised for multi-room systems with tight audio synchronisation.

As with other Sooloos products, control is possible via the free iPad application, Control 15, ControlPC, ControlMac or 3rd party control systems including Crestron and AMX.

The Media Core includes two 2TB disk drives storing over 5,000 CD albums in lossless FLAC format, with automatic mirrored backup.

The MC 600 is totally scalable for anyone needing more outputs, or even greater storage capacity.

The price including drives is £6,000

Media Drive 600

This is a hard drive storage system, used when you fill your Control 15, or MC200, or require the added comfort of knowing your music is automatically stored on two mirrored hard drives simultaneously.

It can also run a Sooloos core, so MD600 with MS200 is a bit like a single output MC600.

It can be hidden away in a cupboard and is connected to the Control 15 by a single network cable.

It contains two hard drives for mirrored backup of your music, if one drive fails then you always have a copy of your CDs on the other.

Normally we would load this with a couple of two terabyte drives which will hold around 5,000 CD albums, but 3TB drives can be used giving a whopping 7,500 CD storage.

Price is £2,500 plus hard drives. 2TB drives are £150 each.

What else may I find useful?

Once you have a Sooloos ‘Core’ you may wish to add some of these extras…

Media Source 600

An analogue playback device, think of this as a DAC which converts the stored CDs into an analogue signal for connection to a conventional hi-fi amplifier. It connects into your system with left and right RCA phono plugs, just like a CD player.

It can also be used to give an extra Zone output to the system and play different CDs in different room simultaneously.

Cost of MS600 is £1,750

Media Source 200

To be released in October 2012 a smaller brother to the MS600.

Similar in performance to the MC200 it offers the cheapest playback solution for other rooms in your home.

More information by clicking here

Cost of MS200 is £500


For those of you running Meridian 861V6 the optional ID40 card is the integrated way to listen to your Sooloos system, with performance better than an MS600.

The ID40 also comes as standrd in the Meridian 808.3 CD player.

ID40 costs £1,000 and quite simply is a must to an 861V6 owner.


The ultimate in performance from a Sooloos system, the Reference 818!

It contains a Sooloos ID41 card, only available in the 818, which can offer fixed output for connection to a conventional analogue system or Meridian DSP speakers.

It also has analogue and digital inputs, so can be used as a fully functioning pre-amplifier from its variable analogue outputs.

It can also be used to supply an 861V6, in place of an ID40 card.

Available in Silver, Black or Graphite the 818 costs £7,500.

Click here for more info on the 818

I’ve just bought a Sooloos and need a little ‘hand holding’ getting started.

Well we will have come out and installed the Sooloos in your home, and talked you through how it all works, but there’s lots to take in and by way of a reminder we have written some simple help pages on how to Import and Export music, how to load Control PC or Control MAC, and some other useful tips. You will need to be registered with us to access these pages. Click here to login or if you’re logged in already, then click here to Access the Sooloos Owners pages.

Where can I find more information?

You can find lots more information in our downloads section further down this page below the links.

Or you can click here to go to the Sooloos section of the Meridian website.