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Multi room systems, multi room control panels and total control – Audio Images have an extensive array of state of the art controls to choose from.

Distributed audio is the starting point for most multi room systems – easy access to your music throughout your home and even garden.  Store your CDs in a central location and cue them up anytime, anywhere.  Many of our main room audio products, such as the Bose Lifestyle 48, offer the ability to expand into additional rooms.  We design solutions to suit customer requirements of performance, ease of use and budget.


Tired of fighting over the TV controls?  Want to watch different Sky boxes in several rooms, in High Definition?  Started watching a film in the lounge but want to watch the end in bed?  We have a solution for you.

We can add touch panel controls throughout the house for the ultimate ease of use.  You select what you want to listen to, or watch, at the touch of the button and it all comes to life before you.

We have permanent demonstrations at both shops of our multi room solutions, so contact us to see what we offer.