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A property built in two stages, on two different levels, one on top of, and one in, a Quarry!


We were first approached by the Design Company to install a lighting control system and multiroom audio system in the entertainment pavillion on top of the quarry.
The family would then live in this pavillion while the main house was built 100 feet down the clifface below!
Although the client didn’t originally consider a full Smart Home solution throughout the development, once they had experienced the system in the Pavillion the same system was required in the main house.
The two systems run seemlessley as though they were in a single property, a single satellite dish mounted out of sight on the back of the garage runs Sky HD boxes in the Pavillion and Main House at the end of 300metres of cabling, with no signal loss.
A box located in one building can be viewed and controlled from the other property using tha AMX touchscreen controllers.


Involved right from the design stage we worked primarily with the Design Company to incorporate all aspects of the entertainment Pavillion, including comprehensive control of the Lighting and Electric Curtains.


We carried out all the first fix, final installation and commissioning of the distributed audio and video system, and liased with the main Electrical Contractors on the Lutron installation and its interfacing to the AMX control systems.


After the initial build the entire development was landscaped and we were required to desig a simpathetic external lighting system which made a feature of the distinctive quarryside.
PIR detectors were built into the driveway lighting bollards to automate the lighting as you approach the property.

After Sales

We have in place a simple service contract, so that on six monthly visits we can ensure the system is always working to its maximum potential, and that all the systems firmware is current and running optimally.
Simple changes requested by the client for lighting scenes can be undertaken remotely from our offices over the remote VPN system.