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Among the Audio Images core offering is a unique start to finish design, supply and installation service for lighting systems.

Everything is possible and great systems can be delivered to a wide range of budgets – all designed to compliment your audio visual system equipment.  The importance of lighting to design cannot be over emphasised as it is the means to really create atmosphere.  Sadly, this is an often overlooked aspect of even the most expensive budgets.  Controlled lighting allows the transformation of a room for different uses, it may accent key items such as art or furniture, provide security and is all possible at the touch of a button.

Solutions range from single room control, such as a home cinema, to whole home solutions inside and out.  Automated programming allows the control of any light from any location, auto security lighting, holiday modes simulating owner occupancy, sequenced lighting on room entry, and even remote lighting control away from the home via the internet or from your iPhone.  A popular application of such programming could be a button to turn the all lights in the house off when going out.  Never leave a light on accidentally again!

We are a fully accredited Lutron dealer and installer and have many installations from Grafik Eye to whole house Homeworks solutions.