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Often our customers upgrade their systems as they appreciate the benefit a great system has brought them and wish to take the experience even further. Because the equipment they have bought from us in the past is from reputable manufacturers who can still service these items if required we are able to offer a trade-in value for their old equipment.

Also as models change in specification we occasionally need to replace the products we carry on demonstration.
Here we offer some of these pre-owned and ex-demonstration items for resale.
If there is a particular product you are after we may well have it even though it is not listed!

Click here to send us an email or phone our Sheffield Shop with your requirements.

We will ship abroad but require cleared funds in our Bank Account before shipping.

A recent testimonial from a customer who purchased a Linn Ekos tonearm from us:

I received the arm yesterday and I mounted it today and I must say it´s
a terrific arm. I´m so happy to do business with people from England. If
I had the opportunity to give feedback to You for this fine arm You will
have all ” Excellent ” Thank You very much Rick. I will hopefully do
business with You once again”

..and one from a customer in the USA who bought a centre speaker;

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your great service. I purchased a used center channel, and you provided better service than other shops would for a new item. I couldn’t have asked for more!
Best regards,”