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Regional experts in Home Cinema, Audio Images have a long established reputation for quality.

Home Cinema Systems ranging in price from £500 to seven figure sums there should be a practical and brilliant solution for most pockets.

Flat screens are available in all sizes, finishes and technologies from the likes of Panasonic and Loewe.  Projector solutions run from Optoma all the way up to the awe inspiring Meridian products with screens to suit.

In response to the public confusion surrounding the array of high resolution technologies, we offer clear explanation and demonstration of the latest Blu Ray, HD Satellite and the ways to get the best from your existing film collection.

The picture is only half the story and we have the range of audio products to complete the system. Anything from the discrete, easy to use Bose experience through to no compromise high end solutions from the likes of Meridian and ATC.  We can help with design of the home cinema room to ensure that you get the best performance from your equipment.

The only way to really understand the potential of our home cinema solutions is to come in and try them.  The range of Bose solutions are on permanent display as well as dedicated cinema rooms.  The store features a discrete cinema with a hidden projector, or book a demo in our full Meridian Digital Theatre in the Sheffield shop to be truly blown away.