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Here we have a Home Cinema system completely hidden away.

The Cinema is located at one end of a long extension to the house. Very long!

When I saw the plans I thought that the client was having a home bowling alley installed!
The long room is divided into three sections, one end houses a multitude of games machines and a pool table.

The middle section contains a bar and seating.
The end you see in the photo has additional seating, and a cow sofa!

What you may not be aware of at first glance is it also has a cinema with 8 foot wide projection screen.
The screen, speakers and associated electronics are all built into the black ‘Video Wall’

Control throughout is from AMX touch panels and keypads.
An electrically operated curtain separates the cinema from the rest of the room, so the kids can play on the games machines while the adults watch the latest blockbuster movie.

Or is it the other way round?