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This is where it all started, as we have been supplying and installing what we consider to be the best in Hi-Fi systems since the mid 1970’s.

We don’t stock hundreds of different brands, and for good reason.

What we do stock has to live up to our extremely high standards, but not only in terms of sound quality, that is obvious.

What may not be so obvious, but could well turn out to be more important, is the pedigree of the equipment manufacturer.

If you are making a sizeable investment in your love of music, then you need to protect this investment, and only by dealing with the best manufacturers can we ensure that if something should go wrong in the future then this can be rectified efficiently.

You might think that by limiting the number of manufacturers we deal with that this reduces your choice..
…but we can still offer a wide range of performance at a wide range of prices.
And because we know the equipment we sell inside-out we know how it works, and what it works with.
This ensures that we can get the best from it, and match it with complimenting equipment to get great sounding systems.
Remember, you always listen to a Hi-Fi system, you can never listen to a Hi-Fi component.
You can come along to our demonstration rooms with some of your favourite CDs and we can let your hear the equipment you are interested in.
We will use our years of experience to help you choose the best equipment you can afford, and then install this in your home to ensure you get the best from your investment.
We carry a slightly larger range of equipment in our Sheffield Shop as it has been offering this kind of service for much longer, and so has a larger customer base.
Please give us a ring at Sheffield to book your demonstration of the best value for money systems you can buy.