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A complete and compact audio system – just add speakers

UnitiQute is a complete and compact audio system – containing multiple music sources, onboard DAC and pre and power amplification, all you need to add is speakers.
A perfect second system with sound quality to complement your main Naim system in another room, or a great sounding compact main system with features and sound quality to surpass the best japanese midi-system.

The Naim UnitiQute is a digital stream player, Multi-format radio (DAB/FM/Internet), iPod / MP3 player and USB player and integral amplifier.

More information on the Naim Audio Website, click here to go straight to their UnitiQute page

Brochure and Manual are also available for download lower down this page.

Price is £1,350, but if you see it any cheaper then we’ll match it.

If you’re looking for all this and the capability to spin a CD as well then you need a NaimUniti, click here for information

Digital Streaming

• UnitiQute is a digital audio stream player
• It can stream music stored on UPnP™ server-enabled networked devices either
wirelessly or via Ethernet.
• UnitiQute is a UPnPTM-enabled digital audio music stream player and can stream
from one or multiple computers, enabling convenient access to music stored in
multiple locations around the home.
• UnitiQute will stream increasingly popular hi-resolution 24 bit/96kHz WAV or FLAC
• UnitiQute will be able to stream ripped music stored on a Naim HDX hard disk
player or NaimNet music servers, once these are available with the Version 1.5

Multi-format radio

• UnitiQute is a FM & DAB radio.
• UnitiQute offers Internet Radio. Internet Radio can deliver wonderful music and
great quality – it broadens one’s musical horizons with access to thousands of
radio stations and also offers ex-pats the opportunity to listen to local radio from
their homeland.
USB port for iPod/MP3 and USB-stored files
• UnitiQute has a front panel USB port for playback of music stored on iPod/MP3
players and USB memory sticks.
• UnitiQute will take over control and display of content stored on most iPod/MP3
players connected via its front panel USB port, provided the audio is not DRM
• UnitiQute is Apple authenticated for seamless compatibility and enables a digital
output for optimised sound quality.
• UnitiQute will play 24 bit/96kHz files from a USB stick.

A home entertainment hub & complete system

• UnitiQute has an on-board DAC with five 24bit/192kHz-capable digital inputs for
external digital audio sources, e.g. DVD players, satellite TVs, Sky boxes, games
• A 45W integrated amplifier, based on the award-winning NAIT 5i, ensures that the
UnitiQute delivers outstanding performance.

Simple to use

• UnitiQute has a simple user interface, which it shares with NaimUniti.
• An iPhone/iPod Touch Uniti remote control App will be available for use with
UnitiQute and NaimUniti in the first half of 2010.


• UnitiQute is a stand-alone product, although it can be upgraded by the addition
of a separate power amp or DAC if desired.

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