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The Bose® VideoWave® II is a fantastic TV and Bose® audio entertainment system combined.

Simply amazing audio performance, with no wires or speakers on view!

If you are disappointed with the audio from modern flat screen TVs, you have to try this.

The system combines a TV that has undergone extended calibration to produce a fantastically crisp and vivid image.

However, this TV is very different as it contains a staggering 17 speakers.  From amazing low bass tone, to detailed vocals, the musical performance is amazing.

All this is controlled by a neat, simple remote, that can control your Sky, Blu-Ray etc.

An iPod/iPhone dock is included in the system, including the ability to use an array of streaming services as well as all your stored tunes.

It’s available in two sizes, 46″ and 55″.

Further information is available here from Bose®.

We have these on permanent display at both stores, and you really need to come in and see them to understand how good they are.  Contact us to book a demo.

Come and see this, and you will not look at your TV in the same way again!