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Bose® pioneered the noise cancelling headphone over 20 years ago, specifically for pilots.  The results were so good they are now endorsed by NASA!

The QuietComfort 15® is the latest, and best performing noise cancelling headphone yet.  It introduces new technology to significantly reduce even more noise across the full spectrum of human hearing.  They feature proprietary signal processing and audio reproduction technology for quality sound.  You will enjoy well balanced and detailed audio playback, all made clearer by the noise cancellation.

Further improvements to the ear cushion block more noise than before and ensure a long lasting comfortable fit.

The headphones can also be used simply to remove unwanted background noise, such as when flying, or to remove distractions at work or home.

The QuietComfort 15® are an around-ear design and cost £299.

They use normal AAA batteries which last about 30 hours constant use.

Also available are a QuietComfort 3® which are an on-ear design and cost £279.

They use included rechargeable batteries which last about 20 hours constant use.

User manuals available for download here..

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