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Although the Mio range does include cheaper remote controls this is really where the fun starts.

Looking like an ordinary TV remote the R4 is far from conventional.

The remote communicates on a Zigbee network, similar to Wi-Fi but much less power hungry to reduce the drain on its rechargeable batteries.

Because it works on a radio rather than an infra red system the R4 doesn’t have to point at a receiver to operate, and will work through cupboard doors so the equipment you are controlling can be hidden behind cupboard doors or in another room, under the stairs or in the basement.

This radio system allows two way information, so the R4 touchscreen can display album, artist and track information from your stored music.

The touchscreen is individually designed by our in-house programmer upon installation for access to buttons not available on the fixed buttons below. So product specific controls are easily found.

Complete macros can be fully implemented, so a single ‘Sky Movies’ button could drop a projector lift and screen out of the ceiling, turn on the projector and select the correct input, switch the surround system to the Sky HD source and  go to the Sky Box Office on your HD box. Dimming the lights and closing the curtains as it goes.

The R4 is available with a practical charging cradle to keep its batteries topped up when not in use.

We have a Mio R4 setup and working in our Barnsley shop if you’d like to pop in to see it in action.

More information on the R4 remote and the other remotes in the Mio range available to download below, or link to the AMX Website from our AMX page.

For even more comprehensive control then take a look at the Modero MVP8400 touchpanel here.

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AMX Mio R4 Remote