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We were first introduced to SIlent Gliss when we had to design a system to control all the curtains and blinds on one of the superyachts.

This allowed the curtains and voiles to be drawn from the touchpanels and keypads around the vessel.

Very important to keep out the sun when the boat is travelling around the med or the carribean!

We grouped the curtains into sections, so for example as the vessel drifed on anchor a single button push could close all the curtains on the portside, and anothr would open all those on starboard.

Subsequently we became agents for Silent Gliss and can advise on the supply and installation of their, curtains and blinds.

We carry full range of material samples and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Their control could be as a stand alone system, or often in conjunction with a Home Control system such as AMX or Control4

If you are considering a Home Cinema system then adding electrically operated blackout blinds can add the finishing touch.

We also offer window treatment from Lutron Sivoia.

To visit the Silent Gliss website click here

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