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If you are looking for the best lighting control systems you can buy then look no further than Lutron.

You can link to a Lutron Interactive Demonstration of what lighting control is all about, this really is well worth a look!

To gain some inspiration on designs from for some amazing rooms controlled by Lutron systems please click here to link to the Lutron Resedential Ideas Gallery.

The two main ranges of controllers which you need to know about are:

Grafik Eye

This is a single room solution.

These are available in several ranges, the newest bieng the Grafik Eye QS which can control Lutron Blinds and room lighting in a single unit.

These are called the ‘Grafik Eye’ as its integral display shows a Grafik reprisentation of the intensity of the lighting scenes, looking a little like a Grafik Equaliser.

Here is a link to the Lutron Grafik Eye website


Allows control of every light throughout the home.

Please click here to go to the Lutron Homeworks website

Lutron also manufacture a range of

Sivoia Curtains and Blinds

these can be controlled as a stand alone system, or in conjunction with Grafik Eye or Homeworks.

For more information on the Lutron range you can visit their website here

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