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American manufacturer of the most comprehensive control systems available.

If you’re looking for a complete home control system then look no further, you’ve found the best.

Click here for a quick you-tube video simplifying what ‘Whole Home Distribution’ is all about

The systems are configured and set up by our in-house programmers. So what you see on your touchpanel is specific to your individual system, requirements and components.

No more redundant buttons which don’t do anything, or hunting for a specific button not available on your ‘universal’ remote control!

Although sophisticated in their capabilities the  systems are designed by us to be as simple as possible to operate.

The entire range is completely modular, so once the infrastructure is in place more remotes could be added as your requirements grow, with no additional cabling.

AMX produce a wide range of touchpanels, remote controls and keypads which may be in-wall or portable.

In particular:

The Modero MVP8400,

and Mio R4 remotes.

Please click on them to find out more information on these specific units.

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