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Arcam are now shipping the latest addition to their Solo range, the irDock. When the the original rDock was launched it received universal acclaim for maximising the sound quality from iPods and early iPhones. The new model not only features the latest charging connections for 3G iPhones and second and third generation iPod touches but also features full remote control via an included remote handset.

Like the original rDock the new irDock features switching to allow the connected iPod or iPhone to run from the docks mains power supply or from its internal battery. Running from the battery not only brings about a modest improvement in sound quality but also preserves the life of the iPods batteries which don’t like to be constantly charged.

To further increase sound quality Arcam have deployed some of their RF screening techniques meaning the irDock sounds better tan the original unit too. The irDock can be also be directly controlled from all of the Solo range of electronics plus the AVR600 AV controller.

You can link to Arcam’s irDock pages here