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Meridian has developed numerous unique technologies over the past 35 years, in constant pursuit of perfection in sound and image reproduction.

Now Meridian’s research team has pushed the boundaries still further, with a series of powerful performance upgrades.

Products such as the 808 Signature Reference Compact Disc Player, 818 Reference Audio Core and 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller have been upgraded, resulting in the release of 808v5, 818v2 and 861v8.

We have also upgraded the performance of the DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeaker, including the addition of unique new features for even more realistic audio reproduction.

If you already own a Meridian system including 808.3, 818 or 861v6 products, you can still benefit from upgrade packages that can be installed by your Meridian retailer.

Whether you purchase new Meridian products or upgrade your existing system, you will find that our new engineering and technology advances deliver a smoother and cleaner performance.

Please contact us to discuss the exiting new range, or upgrading your existing equipment.