Meridian DSP3200

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The fantastic sounding Meridian full DSP speakers in a tiny cabinet.

Don’t be deceived by their size, these speakers outperform much larger conventional speakers, yet can be easily fitted in to a room.

They can be placed on furniture, wall mounted or attached to their stylish, dedicated stands.

Add these speakers to a Meridian Digital Media System for the most discrete, high performance streaming solution around.

The speakers are Meridian Speakerlink input only.  If you need a variety of sources, then you will need to pair them up with the Audio Core 200.

Speaker only price £3,750 inc VAT available in Black or White.

Also available in any colour of the rainbow as part of the Meridian Select program, for £4,350.

Further information is available on the Meridian Website, or look at the files below.

We have these on permanent demonstration at both of our shops, so please pop in and try them for yourself, or contact us for more info.