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Introducing a new range of Meridian DSP In-Wall Loudspeakers

Now you can have the performance of Meridian Active Digital DSP loudspeakers, without taking up any floor space.

These speakers are housed in an aluminium enclosure and have their DSP voiced for specific in-wall location, behind the grill and can bei nstalled vertically or horizontally for front and centre location in a surround system.

Connection is via Speakerlink from a Meridian Surround Controller, Audio Core, or Sooloos component.

The In-wall even has a space in its housing reserved for new MS200, so simply wire a network cable to one DSP in-wall and link the two DSP speakers together with a speakerlink cable, for a new Sooloos zone in another room.

An Infra-red sensor behind its grille provides the capability for volume control from an MSR+ remote, or to operate the Sooloos Playqueue.

There are  two full range speakers, the DSP520 and larger DSP640.  We can now demonstrate both of these speakers, and have a complete in-wall surround system in our cinema demo in Barnsley.

Prices and availability to follow.