Bose v 2 In-Ear phones

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Bose v 2 In-Ear phones 2016-07-19T10:41:40+01:00

Bose have just released new versions of their highly successful in-ear headphones.  All units have been re-engineered for superior quality audio, a better fit, and greater durability.  The new models start with the IE2 from the audio range, priced at £89.

Further models offer the improved performance combined with new control features, these both retail for £119.

The MIE2 headphones, in the mobile range, include an omni-directional microphone and allow you to switch seamlessly between calls and music.

The MIE2i headphones also offer the ability to control your music from a range of Apple products, including  iTouch, iPod and Macbooks.  The integrated inline remote allows the user to change volume, play/pause tracks, skip forward/back tracks, fast forward/rewind tracks, and change playlists.  Despite being in the audio range, they also include the microphone and call control, so are ideal for iPhone users.

We also have all the other Bose Headphones.  Bose have ranged their headphones into Noise Cancelling, Audio and Mobile, which makes some links on their website a little confusing.  The link below gives all the models, and from there links to each product.

Click here for a comparison of all Bose headphone solutions.  It includes links to each product on the Bose website.