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The fantastic new Digital to Analogue converter from Arcam.  The high quality solution for listening to digital sources through your analogue stereo system, for £300.

Currently there are three switched inputs: Digital Coax, Toslink, and USB inputs, allowing connection to a range of digital sources.  The USB solutions are perfect for listening to computer based music, be that internet streams or stored tracks, such as iTunes.  Arcam have utilised dCs Asynchronous USB technology to deliver very high quality, low jitter audio performance from the USB connection.  Computers are generally great storage and streaming devices but terrible audio products.  The rDac takes all the advantages of computer and allows fantastic audio quality, the perfect match.

Shortly this will be augmented by a wireless USB solution, as a fourth input, that can be retrofitted for £75.  The user can then select an rWand to link to Apple iPhones etc, or the rWave to link wirelessly to a computer.  No wires, no fuss.

Follow this link to the Arcam rDac website, for more info.

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