AMX Modero MVP5150

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Although the Mio range does include cheaper remote controls this is really where the fun starts.

The MVP-5150 is where AMX Wi-Fi touchpanels start.

This 5.2″ diagonal touchscreen can control equipment directly from it’s built-in Infra-Red emitter, or communicate over Wi-Fi to one of the AMX controllers for more sophisticated equipment control

It’s a ‘cut down’ version of the more expensive MVP5200, without the video playback, scroll wheel and intercom facilities, but is adequate for many simple single room systems.

What you see on the screen is designed in-house by our programmers.

So there are no standard buttons which confusingly don’t do anything because they’re not relevant to your system, which is often the case with many learning remotes.

We can program the system to navigate the way you understand, and can personalise the favourite channel shortcuts on your SKY box for example.

More information on the AMX website by clicking here.