Naim Nova

Naim Nova

The World’s first performance upgradeable audiophile hard disk player.



The World’s first performance upgradeable audiophile hard disk player.

HDX is first and foremost a music player. Like a conventional music storage device it reads audio data from a CD, copying and storing it to hard disk. That is where the convention ends though.

When a CD is inserted in the HDX disc drawer it is read repeatedly until a bit-perfect CD-quality copy of the audio is obtained. This is then stored onto the HDX’s two 400GB hard drives – a capacity of over 600 CDs. One hard drive is for storage, the other a back up; so your precious music is secure.

Thanks to an Internet connection, your HDX will automatically catalogue your CDs at artist, album and track level, enabling the simplest search and selection when you come to play your music, which of course is replayed with an utterly uncompromised sound quality.

HDX is also IP-enabled and will connect to your home network to form the heart of a multi-room set up, allowing access to your HDX-stored music throughout your home.

Imagine your entire CD collection available for immediate replay at the touch of a screen with Naim CD player sound quality. You don’t have to imagine anymore; the HDX has arrived.

The HDX has just received its 1.5  firmware update which allows it to become a UPnP server. This will enable a NaimUniti to stream music directly from the HDX. So if you have an HDX as your main room CD player and storage system you can simply add a NaimUniti in the kitchen and enjoy your favourite CD while you prepare the evening meal.

1.5 also sees the addition of a new Iphone application and the ability to record to, and playback from, external network storage.

We have an HDX on permanent demonstartion in our Sheffield Shop.

Naim Audio have set up an HDX microsite, click here for more information.a


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