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Although we have stocked and sold Linn products from the Sheffield shop since the mid 1970 we have decided not to be involved in their digital revolution. We find the new DS range of products a little cumbersome to use with the lack of integral CD ripper and poor or non existant displays. We much prefer neater and more user friendly solutions such as the Naim HDX and Meridian Sooloos systems.

Linn have ceased servicing many of their products so it appears that ‘Music for Life’ refers to the life of the product, rather than it’s owners lifetime.

This includes some Linn Classiks, the AV5103 Surround Processor, Kudos tuner, Valhallah Power supply for the LP12, and Ikemi CD player, to name but a few. While these products offered great performance in the past, we feel unable to recommend a sizable investment of money into a range of products which cannot be serviced in the future.

However we do still offer the setup of one of their products which certainly didn’t turn out to be a lemon, The Sondek LP12.

We have been getting the best out of these fabulous machines for over 30 years and continue to offer a full set-up and service for £75.00, and if you’re not delighted with our efforts then we’ll give your money back!

We carry a full range of new spare parts and the service includes new suspension springs and rubbers which perish over time.

We can also offer the LP12 upgrades of Naim Aro tonearm and Armageddon Power supply as well as Naim’s range of Phono Stages including the new Superline.

We still carry an LP12 on permanent demonstration should you wish to audition any of our Hi-Fi equipment using a black 12″ disc.