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Although the Mio range does include cheaper remote controls this is really where the fun starts.

Probably the best selling wireless touchpanel made by AMX

The 8.4″ touchscreen connects to the AMX master controllers using Wi-Fi which allows fast two-way wireless connection to your home.

The MVP8400 can even display full motion video from CCTV system and intercom capability between panels or to their gate entry intercom.

When not in use the touchpanel can sit on a desktop charger or dock into a flush in-wall housing, tilting out again when required to be removed.

We have an MVP8400 touchpanel on demonstration in our Sheffield Shop.

Here is a link to a Modero MVP Panel demonstration where you can try out a virtual touchpanel.

The link is to an American system so the traffic cameras and weather report isn’t very relevant!

Click the link above and then click ‘BEGIN’ in the top right corner.

Well worth a look.

Click here to link to the MVP8400 on the AMX Website.

Download a full touchpanel brochure below.

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